About Us

About Us

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Our mission is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ joyfully proclaimed and graciously lived here in Hattiesburg, MS. The following is a brief summary of what we believe; for a comprehensive statement of our beliefs, see the Westminster Confession of Faith.


The Lord has blessed Bay Street Presbyterian Church (PCA) with a building that has amazing architecture and a wonderful atmosphere for worship. Bay Street Presbyterian Church is on the National Historic Register as a contributing feature of the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood. Our original building was constructed in 1906 in the late 18th century French Gothic Revival style under the supervision of Architect R.H. Hunt of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since its original construction there have been several notable additions. These include electric light…


By 1906, the small town of Hattiesburg, MS had shown such growth through its railroads, highways and businesses that it had become a thriving city. Due to its location, being almost equidistant from Mobile, Alabama, New Orleans, Louisiana and the state capitol of Jackson, Mississippi, Hattiesburg became known as the Hub City and saw even more growth. Seeing this growth and the city’s bright future, a number of members from Main Street Presbyterian Church (now known as First Presbyterian) felt that two…


Worship Style When you visit, you’ll find our worship style to be both traditional and relaxed. We have a wonderful 1922 Moeller Pipe Organ, we love singing the great hymns of the faith, and we thank the Lord for our beautiful building — but ultimately we recognize that “church” isn’t a building, but a community of believers called by God to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. With this in mind our worship each Sunday has three main aspects:  God-centered,…