Worship Style

When you visit, you’ll find our worship style to be both traditional and relaxed. We have a wonderful 1922 Moeller Pipe Organ, we love singing the great hymns of the faith, and we thank the Lord for our beautiful building — but ultimately we recognize that “church” isn’t a building, but a community of believers called by God to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. With this in mind our worship each Sunday has three main aspects:  God-centered, Historically Connected and Engaging the Whole Person.


As human beings we were created by God to glorify Him and to enjoy Him. This is the main focus of our worship. Our tendency, however, is to look elsewhere for our joy and happiness. Christian worship exists to turn us away from the trivial and artificial objects of worship, which have captivated our hearts, and return us to the true and living God who alone is worthy to be worshipped. Consequently we seek to have a worship service that reflects the character of God and brings glory to Him.

Historically Connected

As Christians our faith has a long and rich heritage. At Bay Street we recognize this heritage and embrace the wonderful connection we have with believers down through the ages. From the hymns we sing to the creeds we recite we are reminded of the fact that we are part of something much greater than ourselves as we rejoice in the ancient yet vibrant Christian faith that has changed human history.

Engaging the Whole Person

Worship is not meant to be some rote exercise but an opportunity to encounter God and be changed. Our worship service is intended to engage the heart and the mind for encouragement and edification so that believers are being equipped to live for Christ.

We warmly invite you to worship with us this Sunday morning.